My person
Date of birth
November 14th, 1973
Baar (ZG), Switzerland
German (native)
English (fluent, total of 5 years in the USA)
Languages and APIs
Java (J2SE, J2EE), Kotlin, Delphi 5, C#, PHP, Perl, COBOL, SQL
Angular / TypeScript, Javascript
Windows, Ubuntu, HP Unix, FreeBSD, MVS/ESA
Sybase ASE 15, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL 9, DB/2, Oracle, MS Access
Application Servers
Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere 4, JBoss
Eclipse (inkl. IBM WSAD), IntelliJ / Android Studio, Visual Paradigm for UML, Visual Studio
Frameworks, Libraries
Spring (incl. Spring Boot), Hibernate, jOOQ, Axis2, Angular (2-7), RxJs, jQuery, Bootstrap, Backbone, Android, J2EE, Jakarta Struts, Jakarta POI, Apache FOP, Microsoft .NET
SCRUM, eXtreme Programming, RUP, V-Modell, UML, IEEE Std 829 (Testing)
2017 - present
Project ''
Development of a corporate post-booking travel management tool (ongoing).
  • Design and implementation of application
  • Managing UI designer via UpWork
Backend: Java 8, Sprint Boot 1.5.12, jOOQ 3.10.2, JUnit 5, Springfox, PostgreSQL
Frontend: Angular 6 (TypeScript 2.7), RxJs, Angular Material Design 6, Jasmine
Side project 'Photo Compare'
Comparing photos on Android.
Android SDK 28, Java 7, PhotoView
Side project 'Isthmus'
Development of a REST API connector.
Java 8, Sprint Boot 2.0.3, JUnit 5
2017 - present
Swiss software vendor
Working in a team of 5-8 people, based on Scrum principles. 3-week sprints.
  • Design and implementation of change requests
  • Lead of the "Engineering Chapter", responsible for defining and supervising department-wide quality guidelines
Java 8, Websphere (WLP), JBoss/Wildfly, Oracle, DB2, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins
2005 - 2016
Software architect, Lead developer
Extended cooperation as a Java freelancer, starting with typical freelance assignments, but eventually maturing into leading the (small) development team.
  • Design and implementation of a Sabre Red App to allow access to profiles in Umbrella Faces
  • Design and implementation of Travel Complete, a web-based tool to manage booking confirmations along with corporate data such as cost center. (Java web-app using Spring 4.2, Hibernate 5.1)
  • Design and implementation of Umbrella Faces, a web-based traveller profile management system with synchronisation capabilities to Galileo, Amadeus, AeTM, Cytric. (Java web-app using Spring 3.2, Hibernate 4.1)
  • Technical design and implementation of, a web-based midoffice system for travel agencies. (Java web-app using Spring 3.2, Hibernate 3.6)
  • Design and implementation of a Windows Service (C#, .NET 4) to read, convert and publish travel reservation data. Incoming data sources include Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, CETS.
  • Development of UI based on IE instance embedded in Delphi-based client/server. The UI used Microsoft XML Data Binding and DHTML-Behaviors
J2SE 6,7,8, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Sybase ASE, Axis 2, Tomcat 6
jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars, Backbone, Dojo Javascript Toolkit
Load tests with JMeter
IE XML Data Islands (DSO-Binding), DHTML Behaviors
Ubuntu (both hosted managed server and hosted root server)
2008 - 2009
Design, implemenation and test of the JTrack web application. JTrack tracks and reports athletics results (such as Erdgas and Migros-Sprint). Used in the national school athletics championships 2007 (Zug), 2009 (Schaffhausen) and 2010 (Glarus).
J2SE, JSP, Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL
Financial services, Zug
Freelancer assignment, software development for a portfolio management system, espc. implementation of a reporting framework to produce Excel reports.
Java 2 SE (1.3.1), Jakarta POI (reporting), Softwareing (JFC), RMI, Microsoft SQL Server 2000
2001 - 2004
Preparation and teaching of various courses (German titles):
  • Anforderungen ableiten und Evaluationen durchführen
  • Datenschutz, Datensicherheit gewährleisten
  • Risiken beim Betrieb bewirtschaften
  • Test, Einführung und Unterhalt von IT-Systemen
  • OO-Analyse und -Design
  • Allgemeine Programmierung (C++)
  • Allgemeines Softwareengineering
  • Intranet- und Internettechnologie I und II
  • Einführung in Datenbanken
2002 / 2003
Siemens Building Technologies AG
Coach, Software-Developer
Coaching of the eBusiness departement of SBT AG in getting started with a J2EE / Websphere application platform.
J2EE (EJB, JNDI, JDBC), Jakarta Struts, IBM Websphere Application Server, IBM Websphere Application Developer Studio, Oracle 8.1.7 and SQL Server 2000
1998 - 2001
Analyst, Consultant
Employment. Software development for various telecommunication companies (CH, DE)
Perl, C++, HP-UX 11, Sybase ASE 12.0, Arbor/BP, COBOL II, DB/2, MVS (later OS/390), JCL, Spufi, ZEKE
1991 - 1997
Part-time jobs
quality assurance, tech. support
Creation of a testing environment for Visonik (Landis & Gyr Europe AG, Zug)
User support for 'Framework', and replacing some Framework-macros with a dBase III application (Lustenberger Treuhand AG / Zanoni & Partner AG)
Sun Certification
Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform
Sun Certification
Sun Certified Java Programmer (1.4)
1998 bis 2001
Verschiedene interne Schulungen der Accenture AG
  • Successfully Facilitating and Interacting in td Meetings
  • Communications End-to-End
  • eCommerce System Delivery
  • Netcentric Architecture and td
  • Business Process Overview
  • Implementing Business Solutions
1997 bis 1998
University of California, Berkeley, California (USA)
Diplomarbeit "Experimental Study on the Transition of Friction Mechanisms on Polyethylene and Silicon"
1993 bis 1997
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich (CH)
Studium an der Abteilung für Werkstoffwissenschaften, Tätigkeit als Assistent an der Abteilung für Oberflächentechnik
Abschluss mit Notendurchschnitt 5.43 (Beste Note: 6)
1986 bis 1993
Kantonsschule Zug (CH)
Abschluss Typus C (Naturwissenschaften)
Notendurchschnitt 5.16
1983 bis 1986
Roni Primarschule, Hünenberg (CH)
4. bis 6. Klasse
1979 bis 1983
Loyola Elementary School, Los Altos (California, USA)
Kindergarten, 1. bis 3. Klasse

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