Data access
This extension / app needs access to Google Spreadsheets to read the current file, and access to your Google Drive to store a ZIP file you can then download and use in your Java project. No data is shared with any other parties.
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If you're managing translations for your Java application with Google Sheets, this add-on will be indispensable. Set up your sheet with keys in the first column, and then additional columns per locale code. Then
  1. Go to Add-ons > Java translation tool > Settings and select the default locale and file encoding. Beware that the Java standard calls for ISO-8859-1 encoding. The default locale will be used to created the fallback .properties file without any localization.
  2. Go to Add-ons > Java translation tool > Export as Java properties and download / extract the resulting ZIP to your Java project
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by Simon Niederberger
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